TheBlockBox Unveils New White Label Non-Custodial Wallet APEGO With Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture

San Francisco, CaliforniaTheBlockBox announced today its latest multicurrency wallet. Non-custodial wallet dubbed APEGO simply suggests superb ROI and swifter application development for those interested in launching their own digital wallet. Bitcoin and Ethereum are default cryptocurrencies in the APEGO wallet, and it also supports ERC-20 tokens. Other tokens can be added and integrated upon request.

“Not your keys, not your Bitcoin”​ is a renowned saying in the Blockchain space, even though many, especially new entrants hardly adhere to this common routine. APEGO, as a non-custodial wallet is a decentralized digital wallet where users own and control their cryptographic private keys, and none of users’ data is stored on TheBlockBox servers. This approach insures user’s full control and sole responsibility over digital asset funds.

Secure Solution for Your Digital Money

This gives a quick rundown on what the wallet stands for and how it capitalizes on serverless approach.
Decentralized security protocol along with serverless key management, users’ full control of its mnemonics and private keys, provides secure solution for digital assets. Users keep their mnemonics safe and they are good to go. No personal information (email, phone, ID, etc.) is required.

“TheBlockBox team developed series of wallets, including Multi-sig, Custodial, Non-custodial, digital wallets and by launching APEGO’s Demo we want to showcase some of the features and functionalities of our Digital Wallet offering, ” said Nena Vuckovic, CEO at TheBlockBox.

APEGO comes with standard functionalities like Send, Receive, Transaction History, and My Wallet which are seamlessly integrated to deliver best user experience. Users can access APEGO wallet on any mobile or desktop browsers easily.
“Our R&D team has produced great results in making APEGO attractive to the eye while keeping its functionality accessible even to less experienced users.” – Nena continues.
Appego Wallet

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