Why Blockchain?

The first radical technology innovation of the 21st century

Greater transparency and improved traceability

As all network participants share same data, data on a blockchain is more accurate, transparent and consistent.

Reduced risk and enhanced security

Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable, cryptographically secured digital ledger of transactions where records can not be altered retroactively.

Increased efficiency and improved transaction speed

A single digital ledger shared among all participants leads to faster clearing and settlement of transactions.

Process optimization

Tasks performed by multiple parties can be coordinated via smart contracts, via a consensus mechanism followed by all stakeholders.

New revenue streams and business models

Blockchain has enormous potential to transform technology, banks and financial institutions, hospitals, companies, and government.

Re-engineering of business processes

Blockchain traceability assures and verifies sustainability and origin claims associated with products and commodities.

Cost optimization

Deploying a blockchain system can lower overhead expenditures by significantly reducing transaction costs.